MIDI Classical

Here are some photos of the MIDI Classical guitar built for Carl Bernstein. I have made MIDI versions of Flamenco, Brazilian Jazz, Classical, and Jazz instruments. Each are specific to these different styles of playing. This guitar has a cedar top, the fan bracing has  9-fans, a transverse plate as well as transverse bars, closing bars, a rosewood bridge plate. The rosette is inspired by an 1896 Manuel Ramirez guitar owned by Carl. The rosette is made of black coral, mother of pearl, ebony and maple. The pickup system is a modified Ghost system made by Graphtech. I did radically modify its intended installation by rewiring the circuit board to accommodate sliding pots mounted on the side of the guitar. With the classical playing position, an endpin jack does not work, so I put both the MIDI and 1/4″ output on the lower bout out of the way of a sitting position with footstool. The battery is easily accessible from the outside. The individual saddles are intonated and have both individual height adjustment and can also be adjusted as one 6 string unit. I used Sloan tuning machines with ball-bearings on the rollers.